If you're struggling with your dog, do not worry. My name is Helina, and I work with dog owners like you every day. I can help you enjoy your dog even more than you already do. If you do nothing else today, call me today or fill out the form below to set up a time to meet for a free, in-home evaluation.  


these guys have done amazing work with a dog that I surrendered as I came to personal problems with neighbours and with my other dog.
she was so stubborn to train and having my own personal problems with my children and other things at the time it was just the best interest for us to give her a new chance in life.
they gave my beautiful girl another chance in life and gave her so much training and still working with her and then you own is all I can say they have done a amazing job give these guys are go if I ever have problems with a dog I'll be definitely going here

Maree Hol



Years ago, we took on the most beautiful German shepherd as a rescue. He loved our family more than life itself. Unfortunately, he came with some issues! From cat aggression to dog aggression to human aggression, our Bud made significant changes, but eventually, those issues took his life. in January 2015, Bud very sadly put down.

But we made a promise, a promise that his death would not be in vain. We want to help as many other owners and their dogs achieve a calm, balanced and relaxed state of mind.
We love to help owners, not only with their dog's obedience but we also love to help achieve a well-mannered, well behaved best friend, that owners are proud to take anywhere.
By lots of love, cuddles, praise AND boundaries and guidelines, we will help you and your best friend have the strongest bond imaginable.


Hi there! 
I'm a Mum, & a Grandma. We have lived in the Perth hills since the year 2000. My passion for dog training, started when we adopted Bud - a 3yr old german shepherd. At the time, I didn't realize a dog could be so emotionally/mentally damaged. I remember, all too well, the pain, the anguish, the fear, and the overwhelming sadness, that I did as an owner, and not knowing how to help my boy. From that point, I decided, if it's within my capabilities, I won't leave another owner floundering. When you become my client, we become a team!


In essence, I help dogs with issues return to a calm, relaxed, balanced state so that their owners can enjoy them more fully. It will all happen in the comfort of your own home, where the problems are happening.
As you've probably already figured out, part of my job is helping train your dog, and part of it is training their humans, this is why you are apart of the training from start to finish. You need to be empowered to continue the training at home so that when I leave after a lesson, you can do everything the right want throughout the week.  Each week you will get written homework to follow so that you have a gameplan that everyone can follow until I return for your next lesson. Then, when your dog is doing incredibly well, you can transition into my bi-weekly follow-up group session for ongoing maintenance.  What good is dog training if it doesn't stick over the long term right? You'll get over a year of ongoing support just in case. 

I train all dogs, regardless of breed, shape, size. To my best endeavors we will work to readjust most dog behaviour issues including unwanted barking, growling, nipping, dog/human aggression, pulling on the leash, leash reactivity, resource guarding, jumping, fear issues and anxiety issues and let's not forget your dog's basic obedience.




Contact me, Helina via phone, email, facebook, or the contact form below to set a time to meet for your free evaluation.


I will meet you and your dog and explain in plain-English how I can help with my custom dog training programs. I work on what you want to work on in the comfort of your home. 


A customized training plan for your dog will be created with no obligation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, book your evaluation today. 



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